One of most amazing and terrific albums I have ever heard EVST is an unbelievable work of musical death doom metal. I have been always asked questioned about my favorite doom death metal album all the time, and the answer had always been Evst. This album dazzling me extremely truly expressive piece of musical art  because every single track in this record has a very special atmosphere. These six tracks have been stuck inside my head for more than four years, and it was so hard for me to describe all of my feelings toward this amazing album. HAMFERÐ  has retained spirit of melodic Doom/Death Metal alive within a wide space of death metal influences.


Hamferð A very unique word and common in the Faroe Islands meaning literally skin-journey  the story behind this that over the days of  when sailor was about to die or regard as really dead in sea where darkness of sea depth in front of his eyes along with his family appearance to utter another word which is Hamferð  this word is related to the depths of sadness and severe depression .Band enjoys sad atmospheres and this is very evident on cover of album Vilst er síðsta fet which signified the philosophy of band and the sad journey which she wanted to say .

One of most amazing surprises for the obsessive fans of doom/death meta lover the last few years. This great band plays the elements of doom/death metal professionally and with high level of techniques. Truly the method of playing and the various playing elements are different from the schools as  KatatoniaParadise Lost and My Dying Bride from the Faroe Islands. This awesome band granted the elements of slow playing which distinct the kingdom of doom metal along with light effects of  prog and folk here  and there signing through subsequent shifts between operatic clean vocals and hoarse growls and really perfection attached. There is also terrific combination with mortal guitars   down tuned power chords with simple, yet memorable lead guitar melodies. . There are also slightly more acoustic guitars, which that brought the dynamism out once the distorted guitars come crashing in again.There is also another addition  are some tasteful female backing vocals in  Sinnisloysi  which brings the listener multi feelings level . The tune of the acoustic guitars and clean vocals   in the tracks t jarða tey elskaðu   are really touching .This vocal has very effective methodology and philosophy in singing in which she expresses theory of doom death metal album and takes listener to various levels of feelings. I think that the album fit for the doom death metal and it deserves the all due appreciation and respect. This second work one which has the glorious melodies.


My final conclusion :

I can regard this album as a blessing from gods of metal to grant a very special and memorable winter for all the fans of doom death metal around the universe .if you’re listening to this album in the winter while the sound of the rains is capturing a small size of the total sound around your speakers.This is not a  Evst  its something different and fresh, so don’t waste your time and start seeking for your favorite moments in this record immediately. If you are a doom death metal admirer concerned that this album might devour, or if you’ve never listen to doom death metal before, or if you’ve listened to doom death metal you NEED to pick up this album.

Overall Score: 9/10

Genre: Doom/Death Metal

Release date:October 11th, 2013

Current label: Tutl Records

Review by Magdy Raouf


1. Evst 05:50
2. Deyðir varðar 08:46
3. Við teimum kvirru gráu 07:25
4. At jarða tey elskaðu 04:07
5. Sinnisloysi 08:46
6. Ytst 10:26



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