ALBUM REVIEW : Aksaya – Kepler

I am going to talk honestly that I am very accurate person for the domain of black metal. It took me time to access bands discuss and sign the genres that I am searching for. With this release, Aksaya have collected all of the elements of black and death metal that I enjoy and masterfully wove them all together to create a truly outstanding black  metal experience. This band has unique philosophy and special style in playing as Melodic  black metal .  In my point of view, this is one of the most original pieces of melodic death and black  metal that I have ever heard, in the epic of the music. These guys are able to create pure melodies express purity of death metal.  the riffs are incredibly evil and very effective in expressing the black metal message of cold, dark and grim An excellent album that is no way to find. One could say that some of this album has a evil feelings, with, moving progress in playing techniques that makes the listener wholly addicted .This really is basic black metal with elements of power metal placed in for good measure. And it sounds fantastic.


Elements of evil, darkness, the severe cold and the most hated atmospheres. It is had to weave such elements. It is so difficult to weave elements of evil, darkness, severe cold and the atmospheres that most hated. It is not easy for any band play such elements. Because these  elements need impacted playing in playing technique. In addition to  strong variety in playing performance and the glorying melodies  besides the big production. Moreover, the dark atmospheres exist to express the severe cold and the black darkness. One of the referred   bands which knew how to create this  Aksaya  a band came from France which formed in 2013.This band owned an archive represented in 2 Full-length In 2016, band launched a heavy caliber expresses epic of melody death  black metal intensively. It deserves to praise and admit in true sense of word. Kepler was recorded during the winter of 2016, nearly 40 minutes of darkness, cold .This release produced by  Satanath Records in collaboration with More Hate Productions and The Ritual Productions. .Truly, I am inclined extremely to write for this release which expresses the real spirit of the black  death metal that enjoys the cold atmospheres and the sever cold integrated with the darkness. I terribly believe that this release made an unprecedented success in the diversity of playing techniques and the speed of playing technique to express the real spirit of black metal.



Along with wonderful level of performance, playing techniques and the harmonic guitar lines which is very accurate and the blend of playing instruments – very angry singing expressed the spirit of black metal with maximum limit death metal  it is great album crushed the mind of listener at the first moment and becomes captivated by it Level of music here is very harmonious either for strong lines and the harmony in music performance so matching even when there is no heavy playing. There is barbaric singing but I feel that mix between playing rhythms were perfected very carefully along with so accurate boldness. There are voices of single melodies issued by the guitars Which is considered as of basic elements which create atmospheres of anthems very hostile full of very touching topics that does not miss itself in the deviation or ideas which distort the mind of listener. I think whenever you hear this release you will be impressed by it and you will want to listen to it frequent times. Songs employ riffs which are matched and very linked in the turns which distinguished the sudden changes in the skeletal stereotypes to restore the direction the streaming or mood change, Keeping a stable balance of condescension and with awesome melodies pushed strongly because of height and the rythmic movement. Pure atmospheres of music and maybe the most surprising thing which is listening to this, you become a captive from the beginning to the end put in the land of darkness and endless forests.


Each track here crushes your mind and once is listened you become captivated by it as if it were moving in your body, soul and spirit and feel pride of music. They put wonderful philosophy and mysterious as of various rhythms in playing. As a matter of fact, this band did real work of art. Songs have played here in a very perfect manner whereby elements are combined such as death black metal techniques with its blend perfectly and developed. This band will pave the way for black metal kingdom towards the real future. There are also the drums, guitars and bass where everything blended perfectly and singing expresses perfection of despair besides elements of hatred and evil. Each herein song deserved to attract the mind of listener from the first moment.

To sum up:

Truly this band has got the elements which express the black metal core strongly. They have documented archive conveying the atmosphere for this kingdom deserved the acknowledgment in true sense of word.

I believe that this album is not a mere music trend. Music is believed to encompass a very profound and unique aesthetical philosophy whereby the work of art becomes the philosophical imaging itself. In my opinion AKSAYA  has succeeded with this is more than one way. Anyways this release is only for the true lovers death Black Metal

9.5 out  of 10 .

Review by Magdy Raouf

Release date:
December 15th, 2016
Labels: Satanath Records (Russia) / More Hate Productions (Russia) / The Ritual Productions (Netherlands)


1. Kepler
2. Laika
3. Fractale
4. Anomalie, prélude à la découverte 05:27
5. Tau Ceti E
6. Syn 1.0
7. K-701.04
8. Non Morietur



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